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We are a non-profit organization focused on strengthening our youth's foundation and maximizing their potential through basketball teams, personal training, informal mentoring and nutrition counseling.

1:1 Training

Individual training 1:1 is for those that want private time with no distractions. This training is personalized to work on specific skills that need to be further developed.

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Group Training

Group training is for those that want a team dynamic with game-like situations. This training is practical and perfect for transferring drills into the game.

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Basketball Teams

Take your team to the next level through training in a start of the art facility with a coach who has the know-how to get you to the next level.

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  • Dalene Lawson | Parent

    "Anthony gets to know his players so he can provide individual training based on that child’s needs. He knows how to teach the fundamentals in a fun, positive way and has high expectations for all his players. Anthony is a true competitor and has the skills to motivate youngsters to achieve."

  • Carolyn Mullhofer | Parent

    "Tony has been a basketball coach, trainer, and mentor to my two sons. He has had a huge impact on my kids and improved their game immensely. Tony is a terrific blend of encouragement and teaching. He coached them to play hard and helped them develop good fundamentals. He has been an excellent roll model and helped my sons to increase their overall confidence in the game and in themselves."

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Muscle Endurance

Mental Dexterity