• Myles Johnson | Forward-Center | Engineering | Rutgers University

    "Having Tony as my coach taught me a lot about basketball but also a lot about life. He guided me through numerous drills to teach the fundamentals of basketball but also introduced me to a lot of great genuine people, who over the years I still have connections with. The Beast Up organization was more than just a typical AAU program, Tony made it fun with the inclusion beach workouts, weight training, and various tournaments. I find it important to be able to talk to a coach not only for sport purposes but as a friend, and Tony embodies this."

  • Zena Walker | Parent

    "Coach Tony was not only a coach to my son and the many other boys he
    coached. Tony was a mentor, big brother, and to some a father. He never gave up on any of the kids. He would be available to talk with them at any time of the day. Tony instilled in the boys that becoming great basketball players was a process and not something that happened overnight. He was 100% committed to his boys and they loved and respected him for never giving up on them. I am proud that Tony was a part of my son’s growth in basketball and in life. He will always be a significant part of our family."

  • Treasure Robinson | Small-Forward | Psychology | Vanguard University

    "Having Tony as a basketball coach since I was in middle school has taught me the fundamentals of being a good basketball player along with the fundamentals of being a good person. I have grown in many ways as a female athlete in my confidence and work ethic on and off the court. The family environment Tony creates allows for young athletes to develop as a person and basketball player while training to perform at the next level. The welcoming family dynamic that Tony brings to Beast Up creates an atmosphere of fun added to the hard work that is put in whether through drills in the gym, beach workouts, or weight training. Many of the people that I am friends with today are the same kids that I have been training with since I was in the 6th grade. I have created many deep bonds through training with Tony and I am grateful for all the memories and experiences."

  • Alex Merdjanian | International Development Studies | University of California

    "Whether you’re in the gym putting up shots, the weight room lifting, or at the beach getting worked, Tony’s friendly yet motivating demeanor is always at the forefront. He strives to help you reach your potential, and isn’t afraid to tackle barriers along the way. I started working with Tony when transitioning from middle to high school, and although I felt my jumper was fine, we started from the basics and reinvented my shot. I gained more confidence and consistency, becoming one of the best shooters on my team. His gritty work ethic and ability to play at an elite level gives him tremendous credibility, as he’ll not only coach you, but do it all right by your side. He truly cares about each and every one of his athletes, and is not only an excellent coach and trainer; he’s also an admirable role model and mentor. When training with Tony, you are immersed into a group of motivated, talented, and caring individuals that quickly become family."

  • Carolyn Mullhofer | Parent

    "Tony has been a basketball coach, trainer, and mentor to my two sons. He has had a huge impact on my kids and improved their game immensely. Tony is a terrific blend of encouragement and teaching. He coached them to play hard and helped them develop good fundamentals. He has been an excellent roll model and helped my sons to increase their overall confidence in the game and in themselves."

  • Dalene Lawson | Parent

    "Anthony gets to know his players so he can provide individual training based on that child’s needs. He knows how to teach the fundamentals in a fun, positive way and has high expectations for all his players. Anthony is a true competitor and has the skills to motivate youngsters to achieve."

  • Zamir Kelly | Biology | Grand Canyon University

    "Growing up Tony has been much more than a basketball coach and has taught me valuable life lessons that I’ve been able to apply in my everyday life helping to mold me into the man I am today. From the very first time I met Tony he made it clear that basketball is much more than games and drills, and that he would increase our character as well as our skills. Tony pushed me to my limits and helped me to fight through different forms of adversity even when I didn’t believe in myself. I knew I could call Tony anytime I wanted to train or workout and I knew the answer would always be yes. From the 5am beach workouts, to the afternoon lifting sessions, and the dribbling/shooting drills at night, I knew that Tony would have my best interest whenever it came to bettering myself on and off the court. Playing for Beast Up introduced me to numerous outstanding individuals, and allowed me to build friendships that’ll last a lifetime. Through the many wins and few losses Tony showed the team that there will always be a lesson to be learned regardless of the outcome of the game. There is nothing I would change about my AAU experience and that in large is due to Tony and the many sacrifices he made to keep the kids in his program taken care. Now that I’ve grown and live a life outside of basketball I know that at any moment I can always contact Tony and he will be there at my side. Beast up is much more than a basketball program, it is a family and an everlasting community of bonds
    and friendship."

  • Anthony Kiriaki | Biology | University of California

    "From the first time I met Tony I knew it was bigger than basketball. I never
    had a coach or trainer care about how I was doing in school, or if I was doing the right things at home and off the court. While on the court he pushed me everyday and made me 100 times better then I could have ever imagined, it was the off the court impact that really made our relationship as strong as it is to this day. He was always there for me whether it be me harassing him for the fifth workout that week or him just checking in with me about how life was going. He was like a father figure to me, when my mom couldn’t take me to our tournaments far away, he would drive me and look after me the entire weekend. My mom trusted him with a lot and that stemmed from the way that he treated me as well as everyone else. He held me accountable whether I liked it or not, and at times we wouldn’t get along. However, I always knew he wanted what was best for me and that was a valuable thing to know in a day and age of AAU coaches constantly taking advantage of their players and having their own agenda. Even to this day, I am in a junior in college and haven’t played competitive basketball in almost four years, but I still keep in close contact with Tony and he checks up on me regularly to make sure I’m still on track and not messing around. That’s why beast up is more than just basketball. Yes, it was one of the best basketball experiences I have ever had in my life, and I learned many things playing for a coach with such a high
    basketball IQ as well as other very talented players, but the lifetime bond and connections that you gain through this program is what sets it apart from all the rest."